Can an Image Consultant Boost Your Business Worth?

Life coaches move over – here come the image consultants. Half stylist, half personal presence coach, image consultants are the next big wave of indispensable resources elevating your career success. While image consultants are not new to top level executives, they are becoming more prevalent for the masses. While working with an image consultant may…

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8 Ridiculously Simple Tips to Become More Likeable in Business

When all things are equal, people will always choose do business with individuals they like over those that are difficult, forceful or flat-out low energy. Being viewed as likeable can propel your career and firmly position you as a business partner of choice. It will set you up for more powerful collaborations and move others…

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10 Excuses Leaders Lean On for Not Letting Go of Employees and 8 Things to Keep in Mind in Order to Say Goodbye


Every top business professional knows the logic behind Jim Collin’s phrase ‘get the wrong people off the bus.’ They also know that one of the key reasons executives are released from their jobs is when they fail to lead the people on their teams to deliver against expectations. So why is it then that one of the most difficult…

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